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Short sad love adventure

" Andrew, a boy tired of his situation is waiting for the bus as usual but after a while the bus never comes so he decides turn back and sleep for the rest of the day however in his way back home something odd its going to happen... "


Version 3.0 is finally here!
-Some grammar correction. (ENG)
-Spanish version now added. (ESP)

So thank you all =) for playing.

Version 2.0 is finally here!
-Grammar correction.
-Some smooth effects added.
-In progress the spanish version.

Version 1.0
-Game completed!

A short game that i made in RPG Maker 2003 (Steam Version) was so fun to make so i hope all of you enjoy, it's a 10 minute game with three different finals (if you can find the way to get it) so every time you end the game you can see a part of the story so make your own conclusions.

Very inspired by "Wither" and "Ghost Suburb II" this game is a tribute to
their authors for such great work on those games.

I don't own the characters bases they belong to CARRIONBLUE/Moga
that was modify by me, music and sounds are from freesound.com
and others materials are from RPG Maker 2003.

Install instructions

-Uncompress archive
-Open RBG Colors folder
-Execute RPG_RT.exe
-Enjoy it!


RBG Colors ENG.rar 16 MB
RBG Colors ESP.rar 16 MB

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